40 happy birthday wishes to sister

In this article, we have compiled some of the best in class 40 Birthday Wishes for Sister which you can use to wish your friend. These 40 Birthday Wishes for Sister are effective and impressive
List of 40 Birthday Wishes for Sister

happy birthday wishes for sister

As bright as sun rays, these are sunny days. Forty is the age the of sublime measured in time. Year after year, dear sister, your spirit has grown. All beauty you have sewn blooms and remains because these are the bright days.


Dear sister, 40th birthdays are impressive milestones. These years are beautiful and full of wonder as well as wisdom and experience collected like a scrapbook of memories. I wish you a lovely birthday!

Sister, a happy part of my heart has kept the same flame all these years. As you turn forty, as burn brightly, I cherish our time together in good, bad weather. Dear sister, happy birthday!
Some of the best in class 40 Birthday Wishes for Sister

Happy birthday dear sister. These are the days sewn with wisdom and experience life promises. The beauty of your age glows with warmth and love.

Tears of joy fall as I think of years blessed with you, my sister. Forty years of memories so lightly on the days, reminding us life is fragile and so very rare. Cherish your 40 years. I wish for 40 more together — happy birthday sister.

We have grown together like flowers towards the sun, and now, at forty, it is your time to bloom — happy birthday dear sister.

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Dear sister, your spirit has always been my inspiration. On this milestone, the celebration of your 40th birthday, I honor your courage. Happy birthday.

40th birthdays are gifts. Time lifts you to a new height. Everything feels just right. Relax. Enjoy. Reflect. Happy birthday my dear sister.

Year 40. This is merely the beginning of your life coming into full bloom. I wish you another beautiful year full of love, family and friends. I hope you an excellent start on your 40th birthday sister.

Dear sister, you’re turning 40, and that is a milestone. How will you celebrate? Where will you go? What will you wear? One thing is certain; this milestone is the beginning of a life filled with joy. Happy Birthday!

Year 40 is a magical time. Year 40 is the beginning of life. A beautiful sister is a rare gift. Year 40 marks a momentous shift. A beautiful sister turning 40 is a memorable event. Happy birthday, sister!

As I was thinking of what to say on this critical day, everything I thought to say I have already said anyway. So, I want to say happy birthday my beautiful sister. At 40, with a spirit full of memories and wisdom, life sends you off to begin.

Is it true my sister is turning 40? This is a beautiful age when life is lived as a still young age. Ups and downs, memories and secrets, we have shared everything. I celebrate this milestone – your 40th birthday – with you. To the future together dear sister, happy birthday.
Some of the most used 40 Birthday Wishes for Sister

It’s your 40th birthday, and you know what they say? Turning 40 is an extraordinary day. 37, 38, 39. Those birthdays are fine, but 40 is more than fine. It’s spectacular, historical, momentous, wonderful, beautiful and a gift. 40 marks a significant shift. Happy birthday, sister! Blessings for a year full of life’s gifts.


When I list the blessings God has given me, you’re at the top of the list!

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I don’t think you always realized how much I looked up to and imitated you as we were growing up. Thanks for still giving me such a positive example to follow. Happy Birthday, sister!

Happy Birthday to the only one who has known me for my entire life, and still likes me!

Happy birthday to the freshest and grooviest sister in the whole world. I’m so lucky to have not only as a sister but also as my best friend. Love you more!

I wish you not only happiness but JOY, on your special day!
Short and sweet 40 Birthday Wishes for Sister

It’s not the number of candles on the cake that matters, but it is the number of years that we have been sisters. Happy Birthday!

May you know how deeply you are adored and loved today.

I could not be more proud of the fact that you are my sister!

There is a friend who is closer than a brother – that would be you, sister!

When I need inspiration, you’re always the first one I call.

Loving you as a sister is so easy. Much birthday love to you!
Lovely 40 Birthday Wishes for Sister

Forty hugs and double hugs to you today!

Favorite thing: long talks late at night about absolutely nothing!

Many people are blessed to call you a friend – I get to call you sister!

May you get a thousand Happy Birthday wishes today!

I love you for all the ways you like!

God was so good to me when He gave me a sister!

Original Happy Birthday Wishes

Favorite thing: sharing my heart with you and knowing it is safe.
Finally some of the miscellaneous 40 Birthday Wishes for Sister.

You are an incredible sister, daughter, wife, mother, aunt, niece, and friend. There are so many who are blessed to have you in their lives!

As a sister, you give incredible support for our family. Thank you!

We complete each other as only best friends can!

My sister’s birthday. I am holding a small cupcake with a birthday candle.

A bouquet of best wishes on your special day – I love you!

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